Easy Turn  is your one-call apartment turnover solution.

Simplified Process that Frees You to Focus on RESIDENT SATISFACTION

 When property managers are organizing turnover services on their own, they typically have to completely remove their maintenance staff from regular duties, or contact a number of outside services. Coordinating a carpet installer, painting services, cleaning services, and repairmen can actually end up taking longer and costing more. 

Wasting time on scheduling multiple contractors to take care of your turnovers will cost you  a lot. By using Easy Turn services will reduce the cost and time.

We are dedicated to making turnovers conveniently and effectively.



Our services offer:

 _Walk the unit to offer an evaluation according to your needs and make an estimate of repairs and costs.

_Prepare unit for painting (surface repairs and cleaning if necessary)


_Maintenance repairs (door installations, blinds, lights,door knob,faucets , etc.)

_Cleaning of floor and carpet or replacement of floors if is required.

_Cleaning of the unit, including appliances, bathrooms, windows.

We have a specific procedure to follow when completing our services. We first enter the specific units and inspect them for cosmetic updates or other needed repairs.  Easy Turn employees use the same checklist, which is key in helping us provide consistently thorough results. We then have a crew in to do repair if needed, right after paint, followed by carpet services, and then the cleaners. Our own maintenance techs complete any on-site repairs necessary, and give the unit one last look before handing the keys over to the property manager. We also strive to utilize the safest products on the market, making the resulting unit safe for the future residents.



With our basic package you get the best price in a reasonable period of time. Between 3 and 4 weeks each of the details will be completed. You do not have to call anyone else. Easy turn will do it all without complications. Contact us today and Schedule your apartment turnovers


With the standard package we offer you a competitive price in a reasonable period of time. In less than three weeks everything will be ready for your future resident to move without problem to their new home. So everyone wins and you don't lose money. Contact us today and Schedule your apartment turnover now.


With our premium service you get the best of Easy Turn. Your unit will be ready for the future resident in less than 10 days and you can save time and money. Contact us today and Schedule your apartment turnovers



We can paint the entire interior or specific areas like a wall,cabinet boxes,etc. Our experienced painters can get your turnovers done on time so you can get back to renting. Our services include painting of individual multifamily units and also hallways, balconies and other interior and exterior surfaces. Our professional painters will follow your specifications every time and on time. Our experience shows consistent and reliable quality. Every turnover needs a good painting and Easy turn is here to help you.


Every apartment complex needs maintenance. Door handles, railings, trim, or cabinets etc. always need adjustment or replacement. Simply add your repairs to our punch list and our experienced maintenance technicians will get it done! We can install new doors, windows, appliances, vanities, mirrors, exterior doors and much more. When things get busy around the property, Easy Turn understands your onsite staff may need some extra assistance with unit punch-outs on turns. You can choose to provide our punch-out team with parts kept onsite. Easy Turn completes all items on the punch-out list, submits a parts list and charges a fixed rate for any major replacement items in your unit.


Nothing sells a new lease faster than a clean apartment. Easy Turn cleaning crew will clean and sanitize your entire unit. You can trust the Easy Turn team to take the time to properly and thoroughly clean your units. Our complete work process ensures teams do not miss the details (stove, light fixtures/bulbs, baseboards, refrigerator coils, vents, etc.). We always make sure that your apartments are spotless before we leave!


Easy Turn can clean the carpets in your apartments at a competitive rate. Pet and foot traffic stains are easily handled by our carpet technicians. We always make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.


Make your kitchens seem more inviting and more spacious with Easy Turn the countertop refinishing products. In just a couple hours, our technical can transform the look of your community’s kitchens into focal points that attract and retain multifamily dwellers. In addition to exceptional aesthetic value, Easy Turn provides superior surface finish durability and includes an one year WARRANTY.



Phone :

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